Speciality COFFEE

Our seasonal house blend is roasted in Perth by Loaded Craft Coffee Roasters. Working together, we strive to create a delicious espresso blend that tastes exceptional in milk based drinks like lattes and flat whites.


We always have a selection of micro-lot roasted speciality grade beans from Mano a Mano. These single origins are supreme as black coffees.  



Most people simply do not eat enough fruit and vegetables. Having a juice or smoothie is a quick, convenient and enjoyable way to add fruit and veg back into your diet. We keep our ingredients fresh and authentic. No additives, no thickeners, no sugar. All goodness.


Floreat is the Latin word for Flourish. We are in the suburb of Floreat, but this is just a happy coincidence.  We chose Flourish as our name because we were inspired by Martin Seligman’s famous book about positive psychology and wellbeing, called Flourish.